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Charlotte and Baron’s Chicago/Lincoln Park Wedding


From this photographer’s point of view, Charlotte, Baron, and their families are some of the most gracious, loving people on the planet.  They made my job unbelievably easy on this gorgeous Chicago spring day as we spent time at several of the nicest locations the city has to offer.  We started at the James Hotel before moving north to North Avenue Pier for some fun bridal party pictures, the Lincoln Park Conservatory for the most flower-filled ceremony imaginable, and then up to North Pond for a dinner/reception finale.  Thank you Charlotte and Baron for making me a part of your glorious day.  Hope you enjoy reliving it here!






















Roy and Lindsey’s Engagement/”Wedding Warm-up”

First off, I know this is the cheesiest of cheesy “pinterest shots” but I wanted to play a little with my Grandpa’s old Polaroid Land Camera… : )  Had a great time hanging with Lindsey and Roy downtown on one of the absolute most beautiful evenings of Spring.  Their wedding is only a few days away so keep an eye out for photos from that very soon!



Dominique is the younger sister of a friend of mine who asked if I could take some portraits of her both for some senior portraits and also to be able to use to possibly get some modeling jobs.  So we spent some time around both Ogilvie and Union stations downtown and I think got a bunch of great stuff!  I love doing portraits and it is all the more fun when your subject is super comfortable in front of the camera.